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The Internet’s Best IFB/KJV Resource

Advertising Opportunities: Why you want to advertise with KJV Churches

KJV Churches is the internet’s best, most complete, most reliable resource for finding Independent Baptist and King James Bible-believing churches worldwide. Also, as we launch our new website, we’ve added the ability to list special meetings (revivals, missions conferences, etc.) and ministry job openings (churches in need of pastors, assistant pastors, etc.), meaning that our traffic will only grow as we make it easier for people to connect.

What does that mean for you? That means that our 78,000+ page views per month are only going to continue growing, and your product or service can be front and center to be viewed by a select group of site visitors.

  • We rank #1 for most search terms dealing with “KJV” and “Independent Baptist” churches
  • Our links appear below (and sometimes above) individual churches’ websites when searched
  • Our site’s visitors are already looking for “KJV” related content, so you’re reaching a very specific audience


Some of our popular search terms:

  • independent baptist churches near me
  • kjv churches
  • baptist church near me
  • independent baptist church near me
  • independent baptist churches
  • kjv independent fundamental baptist church near me
  • kjv church near me
  • baptist churches near me
  • king james bible churches near me
  • kjv only churches


Pricing Structure

Ad pricing is based on a few different pricing options:

  • PPC (Pay per click), the advertiser pays for each click on the ad
  • PPM (Pay per mille), the advertiser pays a set rate per 1,000 views
  • Cost per day, a flat rate per day (e.g. $5/day, regardless of traffic)
  • Flat price, a basic flat rate (e.g. $50/month, regardless of traffic)

(Provided prices are not indicative of actual charges)

Since KJV Churches targets a special niche, the vast majority of views and clicks on your ads are going to be people that are interested in your product or service. Unlike Google AdWords, your ads will be displayed specifically to people looking for King James and Independent Baptist resources. You won’t waste valuable advertising dollars targeting irrelevant visitors.

We have varying prices for the different ad placements. A header placement is more valuable than a lower placement, for example. Contact us for a personalized discussion of how we can get your product, service, or message to a much larger audience without breaking the bank.

KJV Churches
[email protected]

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