Official: KJV Churches Endorses iCAST7

Official: KJV Churches Endorses iCAST7 We would like to introduce our newsletter participants, visitors, and users, to iCAST7, a God-honoring ministry dedicated to using cutting-edge technology to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  And you, dear reader, get special early access. Once in a lifetime an opportunity appears to do something big and to shift […]

Don’t Lose Your Church Website!

It is very important that you not lose your church website.  Did you know that when a church lets their domain registration lapse, that it often gets bought up by an adult video site, a gambling site, or some other entity looking to make use of the domain’s Google search ranking?  People searching for your […]

Church Websites: Design Tips and Best Practices

Church websites are notoriously behind the times in terms of web design and appearance, but yours doesn’t have to be. Here are some good design tips for church websites, to help you avoid common problems and improve the visibility, readability, and aesthetic appeal of your church website. Church Websites – Don’t Do: 1. Goofy Fonts […]

Top 5 Benefits of a Vibrant Church Website

Narrow is the way, and few there be that find it. Hopefully, this is a description of the true path to God and not how difficult it is for visitors to find your church online. It’s easy to focus so much on preaching the truth and walking the narrow path that making your church accessible […]

Web Presence Instantly: Just Add Facebook!

Web presence is as easy as using a free Facebook page

Web Presence is easy A web presence is not an option in this day and age. Of course, your church being listed on KJV Churches gives you a quick and easy page on the web that you can edit at will, and it’s also designed to make Google happy, but our site is not yet that […]

Google Places for Business

No church wants to think of itself as a “business.” In fact, we often demean mega-churches for being nothing more than businesses operating to make money (not a bad gig, if you can get it, right? I speak in jest.). However, there are professional tools available for business that work equally well for churches. In […]

Google Webmaster Tools

Google Webmaster Tools

Google provides a very useful set of tools for website admins called Webmaster Tools. This suite of internet functionality helps you get a good idea of how your site is being presented to visitors, and how well your content is being consumed. To sign up for Google Webmaster Tools, go to and follow their […]

The Importance of Backlinks

In the hustle and bustle of the internet, sometimes people don’t understand all of the technological terms, and thus the concept of backlinks, or links back to your website, is not understood. First, a brief overview: the “Internet” is the physical hardware, the software, and the protocols (HTTP, FTP, HTML, CSS, etc.) that make up […]

Upgrading Your Website: a Primer

After combing through (literally) thousands of church websites, collating information for our database, I can say with certainty, and a significant helping of grace, that there are numerous church websites that could use a significant “upgrade.” You may or may not be in that category, but more often than not, a church’s website is outdated, […]

Content is Key

We’ve previously written on the subject of Search Engine Optimization, specifically how it applies to listings on KJV Churches. This time, however, I would like to approach some more generalized concepts of SEO and why you need to understand them. Don’t worry, I will keep it from getting too dry! 1. Keywords Years ago, “meta […]