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1 review
  • Thomas Kane

    Having been a member off and on for over 20 years with military travel I can say they will love you as long as you believe everything they say. Have a disagreement or question and you are shunned. I can’t believe the pastor would say I know you are having problem so I won’t talk to you. Deacons threaten to kill you if you disagree with something they say or do. I understand what Ghandi meant when he said. If it were not for Christians he would have been one himself. From the pulpit they are teaching the Word of God, but the practical application by the leadership of the church is far from what I would consider correct. The church google business page is a picture of the pastor instead of the people of the church. (Very Narcissistic which is how much of the leadership is) Church / School Staff (male) pulled my daughter aside for wearing jeans and telling her she is sinning for wearing pants. (she is my daughter back off and come to me, her father or husband is the only man that should be telling her anything) and the pastor just says he shouldn’t have done that but no repercussions. A church staff wife, told my daughter she didnt need to think about college your a woman you are to get married and have babies. The people of the church are good people, they want to do what is right but often even when they disagree or have questions they say well that just how we always did it. It is sad that the secular people often seem to show love better then this place.

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