Legacy Baptist Church - Oakland, IA

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2 Reviews on “Legacy Baptist Church - Oakland, IA”

2 reviews
  • Laurie Grismore

    New church in Oakland, Iowa. Freshly simple in approach. Reexamining what we do through the guide of the Word of God. Preaching is primary, hymn singing both old and new, rejoicing in the Gospel and active in sharing, friendly to families and whole-church gatherings, KJV Scripture reading and memory, family-S.S. with projects, lessons, singing, and Bible memory/quizzing, prayer meetings that actually prioritize prayer, fresh service plans to keep people engaged, missions-minded, serving others, and worshipping the Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

  • Michael Grismore

    Beginning in January of 2019. Traditional approach, age-integrated model, evangelistic with the Gospel, conservative in style, KJV Bible, making disciples, expository preaching, magnifying Christ, challenging mindless routines of worship with fresh service planning, after-church singspirations, community-involved, promoting church fellowship, praying because we believe, giving thanks and testimony in all services, promoting unity in doctrine and practice by favoring whole-church gatherings. Measuring all things through the lens of Scripture. To God be the Glory!

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