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  • Jeffery Chandler

    Only Jesus
    As a Christian , I have a few thoughts to share.
    None of us are perfect. But how you handle the times you overstep defines your progress in managing your pastoral authority in a way that honors God. Pastors, you can apologize; you can admit you are wrong. A pastor is not exempt from admitting his failures and repenting, he is to lead in it. Among the followers of Jesus, leadership is not a synonym for lordship. Our calling is to be servants, not bosses; slaves, not masters. Proper pastoral authority is shown not in power but love, not force but example, not coercion but reason. Leaders have power, but power is safe only in the hands of those who humble themselves to serve. The church leadership at this church desires and seems to take joy in being called by special titles like Pastor, soul winner , etc.  They receive exaltation and allow church members to treat them with a sense of awe. They may also use terminology that suggests they are in a position of authority over other believers like “soul winners” or “my people.”Because they set the agenda, they tend to bring high expectations and place them on the community. They are easily disappointed and frustrated when their expectations aren’t met, which manifests in anger, anxiety, aggression and cynicism toward other members of the church . It is important to understand that no pastor has authority outside of the Word of God. We can keep biblical, pastoral authority in check through the sound teaching and parameters set forth in the Word of God. The pastor is called to interpret and proclaim Scripture with sympathy, compassion, and humility. But he also is charged to present biblical truth with authority, commanding God’s people to hear, believe, and obey God’s Word. The pastor must always be aware that what he proclaims is confined to the Word of God and not a preference-laced, selfish agenda.
    The Pastor at this church see people as either leaders or non-leaders; instead of seeing Christ as Leader who works through all Body parts fluidly in different ways, at different times, and to different measures (like the Bible actually does teach). In 1 Corinthians11:11 , Paul writes that “in the Lord, woman is not independent of man, nor is man independent of woman.”  In Ephesians 5:21, he writes to “submit yourselves to one another.”  And in Galations 3:28 ,he writes “there is neither male nor female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus.” Women are just as capable to be behind a pulpit.The authority of a pastor , or any leader, never goes beyond the authority of the Gospel itself.  This means their authority was in the proclamation of the Truth, and not in the decision-making of the life of the church. The pastor at this church is telling people to cooperate with his vision rather than collaborate on a collective vision led by the voice of Christ through the whole Body. This pastor has no trouble leading, but resist being led by others. This church leadership seems to always be persuading people to see their point of view and agree to it. The church leaders are hypercritical of almost everything except what they favor and do. They assume the leading of Christ will be coming through them each time the Body gathers, no matter what the activity or reason for gathering is.
    People that believe this way typically form “inner rings” with people that think similarly. That can be in the form of organized “teams” or simply just relationship cliques. Also, from their perspective, it can be more dangerous for Jesus to be in charge through everyone instead of one or a few. The opposite is true. The pastor at this church believes it’s what the Bible teaches (it’s not). Other justifications include convenience and safety. It’s easier if we don’t have to actually work together to discern and decide how the Lord is leading us. The pastor themselves sees himself as being “over” other believers. They use this line of thinking to justify it being best if they control what goes on in a church. Heavy-handed, cult-like leaders abound in churches today. These types of leaders are in all sorts of churches—both small and large. Micromanagers of the flock and power-tripping are not confined to corporate mega-churches. Pastoral authority has been abused and has overreached its God-given boundaries. But this top-down leadership, CEO mentality, bullying, and intimidating are not Jesus’ style of leadership. I believe much of the problem is rooted in a misunderstanding of the nature and limits of pastoral authority.
    When the Pastoral are bossy, opinionated, and heavy-handed, so too will be their people. If you keep your preferences in their appropriate containers, your people will learn to do that as well.
    Biblical authority is not just marked by correctness, but by Christ-likeness. Luke 12:37 humbles me each time I read it: “Blessed are those slaves whom their master finds alert when he returns. I tell you the truth, he will dress himself to serve and have them take their place at the table, and will come and wait on them.” Jesus embodies servitude, and it should shock the people who go to this church how often that they are demand to give the church leadership authority, respect, and obedience. Yet what is so beautiful about Christ is that His matchless authority and His immeasurable compassion always go together. So with our limited, delegated, biblically defined authority, how much more do we need the compassion of our master? Our Lord possessed all authority, and He came to serve and to lay His life down as a ransom for many (Matt 20:28). That kind of sacrifice reminds us that we are not CEOs. In the Great Commission, Jesus said, “All authority has been given to me in heaven and on earth” (Matt 28:18). John 3:36 tells us that under His authority, the one who believes the Son has eternal life. In Matthew 8:27 we see that “even the winds and sea obey him.” Undeniably, these verses testify to the unparalleled authority of Christ. Do we really believe that Christ is present in that church as the Head of the church by the Holy Spirit working in each member?  Do we really believe He has made a unified body out of the congregation, which will function harmoniously, if we pursue Him together?  The very fact that we can ask such a question – won’t it be chaos? – shows that we do not have much faith in the reality of the Holy Spirit implementing the Headship of Christ.
    The church leaders have done things that they believe was for the good of the church. The church leaders have accused and misguided their church members to get what they wanted.
    So the real question is who’s the head of this church? Is it the pastor?
    Who owes who an apology?
    Who is a wolf in sheep’s clothing?

    Beware of this place, they call it a church but really it’s a club for men, and women are not to speak. Hate is encouraged, and it’s ok to put others down in the name of God. Best of luck to anyone who visits this place.

  • James A. Hill

    Corrections are as Follows: Pastor Rick Mesler , Phone: 509-426-0463
    Mr. Mowery has NO affiliation with the Bible Believers Baptist Church of Union Gap Washington.
    Pastor Mesler has continued on with the teachings from the 1611 KJV Holy Bible and is bold and dynamic and a compassionate and friendly Pastor. As a member of this Jesus Christ practicing church, I can assure you, IN MY OPINION, that we are not a watered down contemporary Church IN MY OPINION! If you are in the area and want to hear the Real Word of God Preached and Practiced come and visit us as God’s Preserved Word tells us to assemble on the First Day of the Week. So we do just that! Services are as Follows: Sunday Morning — 10am Sunday School, 11am Morning Service, 6pm Evening Service, Wednesday 6pm Prayer Meeting.
    May God Richly Bless You Through The Lord Jesus Christ!!!

    1. robert littlefield

      Good Morning folks…Theres been quite a lot of things thats happened at this church The church has a “Church Constitution” thats been implemented by the fore fathers of this church!

      Many things has happened thats against it and the reconciliation process has been denioed and the former Pastor refuses to comply with.

      You do not go against the word of God

      You do not chase people out of the church you do not beat up your wife hit her in the head with a cane and so many things has happened…

      the mans been fired and has commandeered the church which is against the law..The locks were changed and He broke in…

      Theres been things that has been set into place to remove and restrain so the church can be re-established ~~

      Its going to be great joy in preaching the word of God Rightly Divided ~~Like God has said to do~~

      Blessings to all…and yes prayers needed for a fallen brother…

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