How KJV Churches Works:

Are you curious as to how this site works? Most Baptist Church directories online consist of a long list of text, and that’s about it. KJV Churches is different! We are map-based, meaning that you use a location search and find churches in a radius instead of having to use your browser’s search function. We hope you’ll find our site easy to use, simple to navigate, and very helpful!


The most important part of the site is the Search Bar. You can use it in a few different ways, but first notice the Compass icon:


The Compass icon allows you to select whether you want KJV Churches to find your geographic location and search for churches in your geographic vicinity. Clicking the compass brings up this interface:

Clicking the checkbox will automatically find your location and show you churches close to you. Leaving it unchecked allows you to search anywhere you want by typing a City and State or Zip code into the second field of the search box.


KJV Churches has over 10,400 churches in all 50 States and multiple foreign countries included in the database already. Your church should already be in our database. In the case that it’s not, then you can Add your church, and we’d love it if you would. Please make certain that your church isn’t already listed before trying to add it, as submitting duplicate listings creates more work for us when we have to double-check everything!

If you are the pastor or a staff member and your church already has a listing in our database, you can Claim the listing and edit it with up-to-date information and photos.

Click the “Is this your ministry?” link, and fill out the pop-up form to claim the listing (you have to be registered and logged in to claim a listing). After your claim has been approved by the administration, you will be able to edit the listing in almost any way you please!

We are constantly adding new content, features, and capabilities to the site. It is our ultimate goal to become the Internet’s most complete, accurate, and useful Independent Baptist Church database.

All rights and glory belong exclusively to the LORD Jesus Christ, both now and for eternity.

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