KJV Churches 3.0 Launched!

KJV Churches 3.0 is now live!

We’ve just gone live with our new redesign! We want to thank you for your patience as we worked through the challenges of launching a redesigned site with new functionality. Here’s a brief overview of the new capabilities of KJV Churches:

  • Ministry Jobs – our job search is now live! Churches with open staff positions can now list their openings in a staggering number of categories, and you can search through the jobs if you’re looking for an open ministry position.
  • Special Meetings – now you can search for revivals, conferences, and other special meetings!
  • Advertising Options – we’re now offering the possibility to put your message, ministry, or product on KJV Churches to reach our constantly growing traffic. Let us know if you’re interested in advertising with us.

Next on the agenda is a significant number of pending listings to be added, along with a major overhaul of the existing listings. We appreciate your participation in making KJV Churches the internet’s #1 resource for Independent Baptist and King James Bible-believing content!

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