KJV Distinctions

Determining what a church believes about the King James Bible is a very complex task. Considering that an astonishing number of churches simply copy/paste a Statement of Faith from another church instead of hand-crafting their own carefully-worded statement, the Statement of Faith provided online may or may not accurately represent the position of a given church. Therefore, we can only present the information as provided by the church website, email inquiries, and occasionally user submissions, which makes our data subject to error and liable to change as people and churches change.

So, in order to make things as simple as possible without intentionally misrepresenting any church or individual, we make use of the following “KJV Positions” throughout our site. Please use your own judgment and the leading of the Holy Spirit when visiting a church. We take no responsibility for inaccurate information; we provide our data in good faith but it’s up to each individual to investigate for themselves.

Here are the KJV Positions that we currently use in ascending order:

  • No SOF – This church does not have a public Statement of Faith available.
  • KJV Position Undeclared – This church does not make a statement concerning the King James Bible in their Statement of Faith.
  • Not KJV – This church clearly uses a version of the Bible other than the King James Bible.
  • Not KJV Only – This church may use the King James Bible but also uses other versions.
  • Use KJV – This church states that they use the King James Bible; they could use other versions as well.
  • KJV preferred (new) – this is a church that takes a moderate stance toward the KJV, preferring it but possibly using or referring to other versions.
  • KJV – This church makes a statement that they are a “KJV church.” We take them at face value.
  • KJV preserved – This church states that the Scriptures are preserved in the King James Bible.
  • KJV inspired – This church takes the most aggressive, pro-KJV stance possible, that God actually provided His words “by inspiration” in the King James Bible (2 Timothy 3:16).