Throughout the site there are various tags referring to the stance a church takes on the King James Bible. Our intention is to further enhance the functionality of the site in a future upgrade, but for now these tags will give you an idea of what the public stance of a church is with regards to the King James Bible.

Here are the tags we currently use in ascending order:

  • No SOF – This church does not have a public Statement of Faith available.
  • KJV Position Undeclared – This church does not make a statement concerning the King James Bible in their Statement of Faith.
  • Not KJV – This church clearly uses a version of the Bible other than the King James Bible.
  • Use KJV – This church states that they use the King James Bible; they could use other versions as well, as this is the weakest of positions taken by a church on the King James Bible.
  • KJV – This church makes a statement that they are a “KJV church.” We take them at face value.
  • KJV preserved – This church states that the Scriptures are preserved in the King James Bible.
  • KJV inspired – This church takes the most aggressive, pro-KJB stance possible, that God actually provided His words “by inspiration” in the King James Bible (2 Timothy 3:16).

One of our future plans is to roll out a voluntary “KJV Churches Verified” program whereby a church can become actively certified by our project as conforming to a strict, KJB-only doctrinal and practical position. We hope to begin rollout of this program in late 2019. If you are interested in participating in this program, please sign up for our newsletter and we’ll send out a notice as soon as we’re ready to launch.

All rights and glory belong exclusively to the LORD Jesus Christ, both now and for eternity.

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