Featured Listings are now available!

The software that the KJV Churches site runs on has held the capability to offer featured listings for some time now, as those who have added a new church can attest to, but now we’re officially opening up for real featured listings. Here’s what that means:

On the front page of the site, right under the big map, there’s a “Supporting Churches” section where different churches are featured in a cool image slider. We’ve had some test churches featured for a while, but now we’re phasing out the tests and will soon be featuring only churches that have supported this project with a featured listing upgrade.

And yes, that means money. But very reasonably, we would say. Here’s the tiers and pricing:

  1. Free – This is the standard listing, which is free, but won’t show up on the home page.
  2. Featured 30 Days – For $5, you can have your church featured on the home page for a month.
  3. Featured 1 Year – For $50, a $10 discount, you can have your church featured for a whole year.
  4. Featured 1 Year + SEO – Not only will your church be featured for a year, but for $100, your listing’s content will also be carefully optimized for search engines to help drive more traffic to your listing and gain more interest for your church.

Here at KJV Churches, we are very careful to keep costs low, but hosting such an in-depth site requires a VPS, annual software licenses, and even an occasional advertising campaign to help drive traffic. For instance, we’re excited about getting some business cards to help spread the word in-person, as we build out the Internet’s first Independent Baptist Church search engine! All this stuff costs money, and so far it’s all been out-of-pocket expense for the administrator, but hopefully, as the usefulness of the site is realized by more people, churches will determine to help assist with the costs associated with this project.

So, if it’s worth a few bucks to you, we’re grateful for the help! And if not, then we’ll still help people find your church by striving to be the best, most useful, and most complete Independent Baptist Church directory on the Internet!


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