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KJV Churches is the web’s #1 resource for finding and filtering KJV and Baptist churches online. No matter what your position or doctrine, you can find a church to attend that meets your criteria.

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“Recovering” Part 4 – Whose Fault Is It?

In our first post we talked about why an entire generation of young people (or at least a representative majority) just isn’t interested in playing ball with the status quo.  Then we talked about the fundamental problems with “fundamental” churches

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“Recovering” Part 3 – The Price of a Book

It likely seems unfair to the dedicated reader that this author would promise a series of posts dealing with the “Recovering Fundamentalists”, yet after two long articles (read Part 1 here, and Part 2 here), nothing has been said against

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KJV Churches: Assemble Anywhere

Since its inception in 2014, the motivation behind KJV Churches has always been to help believers find churches.  Whether it’s a place to visit on vacation, a new church home after a move or an unfortunate experience in a previous

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“Recovering” Part 2 – The Endless Cycle

Read part 1: Meet the Millennials Man, Movement, Machine, Monument, Mess Since the rise of modern Independent Baptist Fundamentalism (the “IFB” movement) starting arguably with J. Frank Norris, which incorporated the emotionalism and manipulative revivalist tactics of Charles Finney with

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“Recovering” Part 1 – Meet the Millennials

Over the last few years there has been a significant movement to rethink “fundamentalism,” a term often applied to churches that would qualify to be listed in our database here at KJV Churches.  Largely driven by younger believers, mostly Millennials,

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