Narrow is the way, and few there be that find it. Hopefully, this is a description of the true path to God and not how difficult it is for visitors to find your church online. It’s easy to focus so much on preaching the truth and walking the narrow path that making your church accessible to others gets lost by the wayside. But don’t neglect this. Because one of the surest ways to grow a thriving body of Bible believers is through a vibrant church website.

Why A Church Website is So Important

Visitors are a good thing, right? You want King James Bible believers to come to your church, connect with your preaching and congregation, and join themselves to your local assembly. But statistically speaking, they will only do so after they have checked out your website. In fact, 70% of first-time visitors visit the church website before deciding to visit. Unfortunately, until recently, it was standard for Independent Fundamental Baptist churches to have outdated, poorly designed, and incomplete websites that turned people off and didn’t really serve a purpose. Worse yet, most fundamentalist churches didn’t even have a website. They just didn’t understand the need.


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