search-engine-content-keywordsSEO, Search Engine Optimization, is the way that content and specific keywords are used to make the page more relevant to the target information. For instance, the KJV Churches site ranks high for relevance in KJV, Churches, Bible, and Pastor, because those words appear frequently throughout the pages of the site.

How is that important for you? Well, if you want people to find your site, and hopefully your listing on KJV Churches, then there needs to be plenty of content on your page. But you don’t want to just type a bunch of gobbledygook: you need to make the content relevant to the keywords that you are targeting. For your church, that would be words like Baptist, Church, and King James (probably), but also city names that are nearby. You’ll also want to list ministries that your church offers, such as Bus, AWANA, Master Clubs, Deaf, or other key areas of service.

Something else that search engines like to see is pictures. Both on your church’s website and on your KJV Churches listing, you’ll want to have pictures embedded to both draw the attention of your readers, and also to satisfy the requirements of the search engines’ indexing “spiders.” (they crawl the web…get it? “spiders”) Make sure to use “alt” tags in the pictures so that the search engines know they are relevant to the content on the page. Search the internet for “picture alt tag” if you need help with that.

Finally, the volume of content is important, as well. The search engines will be looking for several criteria, including outbound links (we’ve already linked to you: would you do us a favor and link back to us? Thanks!) and keyword density (not too low, not too high), but one major component is the word count within the page. Typically, Google likes to see 300 words or more on a page. That may seem like a lot, and it is, but if you work at it, you can achieve great Search Engine Optimization within your content, in order to attract more traffic through improved search rankings!

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