Web Presence Instantly: Just Add Facebook!

Web presence is as easy as using a free Facebook page

Web presence is as easy as using a free Facebook pageWeb Presence is easy

A web presence is not an option in this day and age. Of course, your church being listed on KJV Churches gives you a quick and easy page on the web that you can edit at will, and it’s also designed to make Google happy, but our site is not yet that recognized. Facebook, on the other hand, is, and a Facebook Page is not only an excellent way to have an interactive and visible web presence, but the price is right too: it’s FREE!

What’s more, it’s likely that your church already has a Facebook Page that has been automatically generated as a place that people can check in, like, and post updates on. All you have to do is go claim it (just like your KJV Churches listing)! Additionally, you can add profile and cover photos so people recognize your church, and update every once in a while to keep the other members of your local church up to date with important news.

Of course, many people, especially pastors, don’t have a Facebook profile, and that’s understandable. Social Media can be a real trap (see Dr. H.M. Tabb’s latest book, available from Victory Baptist Press), but it can also be used for communication and encouragement – just ask any foreign missionary whose main source of communication with his home church or family is social media! So, unless you’re 100% dead-set against Facebook, claiming (or creating) your church’s Facebook Page is an excellent way to develop a quick, easy, and FREE web presence.

There are, of course, many other ways to get content online, and other ways to show up in searches. We previously suggested using Google Places for Business to appear in Google searches, and it’s always a good idea to have a clear Statement of Faith that will get indexed by search engines as well. KJV Churches doesn’t promote pragmatism or the “numbers = success” mentality, but people that are looking for a church like yours shouldn’t have to drive past your building to find you.

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