About KJV Churches

KJV Churches is the result of a vision to help independent Baptists find churches on the internet. Hopefully, by providing a helpful and intuitive search site, we can bring together every resource on the web for people that are searching for a church either to attend or to visit while traveling. Thousands upon thousands of hours of Googling, typing, searching, correcting, modifying, CSV-ing, and researching have gone into this project, and there’s still lots of work to be done. Thankfully we have some help from other sources that have been beneficial in improving KJV Churches’s accuracy and usefulness. These sources include “regular” individuals, missionaries, and even a church’s IT team. We’re grateful for all their help and input.

The founder and administrator of this site is a full-time independent Baptist missionary, which means that updates and other improvements to the site can be slow, since ministry comes first. User feedback is appreciated via an error report form on every listing.

Future expansions of functionality include job listings (still in beta phase), events, and hopefully a tool for missionaries to streamline their deputation burden and facilitate simpler missionary support decisions for churches.

Your Resource for Church Information

While information is not guaranteed to be 100% accurate, we promise to provide the most complete and useful data available anywhere on the web regarding KJV and independent Baptist churches worldwide.