What do the Tags mean?

KJV Churches uses “tags” on the different church listings to let our users know some information about the churches listed in our database. We have three main goals in utilizing these tags, and in this order:

  1. A church’s stance on the King James Bible (see our Doctrine page for an explanation)
  2. Various doctrinal distinctions
  3. A church’s organizational affiliations, if any
  4. A church’s ministries

Please note: tags are no longer the preferred method of identifying church details.

We are still using tags, and they are very helpful, but we no longer review them as carefully as we did in the past. While tags are excellent for helping to connect relevant content, we use dropdown options on the church listings to display relevant details. Continued use of the tags below will be less than perfectly reliable.

The tags are listed on the place listings in alphabetical order, so check carefully as you read. Here are some of the more common tags that you may see throughout the listings, though the list is far from comprehensive for multiple reasons: