You may have noticed that the Site is called “KJV Churches.” We picked that mainly for two reasons: first of all, people want to find “KJV Churches,” and it helps with SEO (search engine optimization, connecting people with the content they’re looking for). Secondly, we, the administration, are steadfastly King James Bible only believers. We make no apology for taking a hard and fast stand that God gave His words through inspiration and preserved them in the English language in the King James Bible. As such, not only is another English version of the Bible unnecessary, but it is destined to failure, both as a result of modern textual criticism and modernistic humanism, regardless of the underlying text chosen for the project.

However, our goal is to catalog every independent Baptist church in the world, as well as every King James Only church or congregation. So, in order to be listed in this database, your church needs to meet at least one of these two simple criteria:

  • Be an independent Baptist church (not affiliated with a convention)
  • Take a firm stance on the King James Bible as the only correct English Bible

If your church or assembly meets either of these criteria, then this directory is for you, and we sincerely desire your participation.