KJV Churches’ Doctrinal Stance

You may have noticed that the Site is called “KJV Churches.” We picked that mainly for two reasons: first of all, people want to find “KJV Churches,” and it helps with SEO (search engine optimization, connecting people with the content they’re looking for). Secondly, we, the administration, are steadfastly King James Bible only believers. We make no apology for taking a hard and fast stand that God gave His words through inspiration and preserved them in the English language in the King James Bible. As such, not only is another English version of the Bible unnecessary, but it is destined to failure, both as a result of modern textual criticism and modernistic humanism, regardless of the underlying text chosen for the project.

However, our goal is to catalog every independent Baptist church in the world, as well as every King James Only church or congregation. So, in order to be listed in this database, your church needs to meet at least one of these two simple criteria:

  • Be an independent Baptist church (not affiliated with a convention)
  • Take a firm stance on the King James Bible as the only correct English Bible

If your church or assembly meets either of these criteria, then this directory is for you, and we sincerely desire your participation.

Why does “KJV Churches” have non-KJV churches listed?

That’s a question we get frequently, and it’s understandable. With a name like “KJV Churches,” one would initially assume that the only churches listed on such a site would be “KJV Churches.” Unfortunately, the reality is a lot more complicated than that.

The first problem is that “KJV-only” means different things to different people. Some churches take an aggressive stance that makes them “more KJV-only” than other churches. For example, many churches would never ascribe “inspiration” to the KJV itself, insisting that it’s only “preserved,” yet would bristle at the idea that someone would consider them “less KJV-only” than another church that takes a more aggressive stance (for example, that the KJV itself is “inspired”). So, instead of trying to find a hard and fast identifier (or mailing a huge questionnaire to every church that wants a listing), we just made things simpler and try to accurately indicate what each church publicly believes.

The second and probably more practical reason is simple: if people know that your church is (or isn’t) a KJV-only church, they’ll be able to make their decisions more easily. A solidly KJV-only church isn’t likely to be visited by an individual who sincerely doesn’t believe the KJV to be the only English Bible, and a KJV believer isn’t going to visit a non-KJV church if that information is available to him. That helps the non-KJV churches not have visitors that mistakenly assume they’re KJV-only, and it helps church seekers not assume that a church is simply not listed on our site and it turns out that they’re not KJV.

We’re sorry that we can’t make everyone happy or cater to the minutiae of every believer out there. We are simply trying to create the most accurate, comprehensive, and useful independent Baptist and KJV Bible-believing church database in the world. Please help us out, for everyone’s benefit.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Pastor D. A. Waite, Th.D., Ph.D. March 20, 2015 at 7:21 am

    You have done an important work here. I’m sure there are various views about the KJB among your churches. I suppose some follow Peter Ruckman or Gail Riplinger or others who teach different views about the KJB. I stand strong for the Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek Words underlying our King James Bible and also for the King James Bible as the only English Bible that accurately translates those inspired Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek Words. In Christ, Pastor D A Waite

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