Official: KJV Churches Endorses iCAST7

Official: KJV Churches Endorses iCAST7

We would like to introduce our newsletter participants, visitors, and users, to iCAST7, a God-honoring ministry dedicated to using cutting-edge technology to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  And you, dear reader, get special early access.

Once in a lifetime an opportunity appears to do something big and to shift the paradigm.  Very rarely is the opportunity actually something that can glorify God and be used to spread the Gospel.  iCAST7 is that opportunity.

iCAST7 is an On-Demand Player for Mobile Phones

“It’s not an App.  It’s effective.”

iCAST7 is a sermon sharing platform, designed to work on any mobile device.  Big Tech can’t kick it out of their App stores, because it’s not in their App stores.  The Gospel is no longer at the mercy of Big Tech censorship and cancel culture. And, there are never any Ads.

In a world where “Spotify” means streaming music and “Netflix” means streaming TV and movies, iCAST7 is the sermon sharing platform, putting the Gospel at the fingertips of believers all around the world.

Every Christian can have their own iCAST7 Player and create unlimited Sermon Playlists for all sorts of topics.  Share the Gospel with the lost, and sound biblical preaching with other believers.

Fantastic Functionality

On-Demand Player

Every iCAST7 Player offers an effortless, on-demand listening experience, allowing listeners to choose from any Playlists you have added to your Player.  Since it’s not an App, anyone, anywhere can use it, on any mobile device, without downloading anything.


Every Player has its own unique QR code and URL which can be used to share the Player.  Your Player can go everywhere a link can go, and the only limit to sharing is your willingness.  What could you accomplish if you could share the Gospel with someone via a simple QR scan or a shared link?

The Gospel on Every Player

Each Player comes with a baked-in Gospel presentation called “The Solution.”  There’s literally no way to remove it, so everyone that visits your Player will have the Gospel right in front of them.

Easy to use Dashboard

Every player is easily controlled by an easy to use Dashboard, accessible exclusively to Users.  All functionality can be controlled in the Dashboard, and it even functions as a Progressive Web App on your mobile device.

18,000+ Sermon Library

The iCAST7 Sermon Library is where the powerful nature of this technology becomes clear.  You can listen to and share 18,000 sermons from hundreds of preachers.  Create Playlists, share them, and add them to your Player.  Find new preachers from all over the world that the Holy Spirit will use to edify you!

So Much More!

There is so much more to discover about iCAST7, from the Social Profile and sharing with other users, to Banners and Social Media linking.  But you don’t need to hear it from us: go sign up and try it yourself.

What Our Endorsement of iCAST7 Means for You

As mentioned, KJV Churches users and visitors get a special announcement about this amazing new opportunity and early access to sign up.  Within seconds you can have your own Player working and create Playlists of sermons from God-honoring preachers that you may have never even heard of, and find thousands of sermons from preachers that you do know.  In minutes you can be sharing your Player with others, via a QR code or by sharing the Link, and bless people all over the world with Bible preaching.

Imagine if Spotify were dedicated to Bible preaching and teaching.  That is just a small part of what iCAST7 is.  And you can have your own iCAST7 right now.

We believe that every believer should have an iCAST7.  Not only is it beneficial for individual edification and spreading the Gospel with the super easy to share QR code, but you will be able to share Sermons and Playlists with other believers around the world.  What is keeping you from spreading the Gospel?