Does the King James Bible say Jehovah?

Jehovah - names of God, does the King James Bible say Jehovah?

Often people ask does the King James Bible say Jehovah.  More and more lately, thanks to the rise and popularity of internet “ministries,” people ask questions about the name of God due to doubts and errant teachings being spread online.  So, it is valid to ask is Jehovah mentioned in King James Bible?  The answer […]

Why do Mormons use the KJV?

Large book containing the Bible, the Book of Mormon, Doctrine and Covenants, and Pearl of Great Price, why do Mormons use the KJV

If one was to go by the teachings of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, they would be under the impression that they believed the Bible. This might lead one to ask why do Mormons use the KJV?  After all, when the LDS Missionaries stop by your home in their attempts to convert […]

“Recovering” Part 6 – Who is on the Lord’s Side?

Who is on the LORD's side? Question and image of armored medieval soldier carrying a sword

[Edited 6/30/2022 due to updates in legal situation and to add a link]  So far we’ve discussed the generational gap between many of today’s leaders and those affected most by the deficiencies of our churches, the “cycle” of movements in Christianity at large, the Bible issue and the rotten attitudes often displayed, a blame assessment […]

“Recovering” Part 5 – More of the Same

Read part 1: Meet the Millennials Read part 2: The Endless Cycle Read part 3: The Price of a Book Read part 4: Whose Fault is it The old saying is that men never learn from history, with the addition that those that do learn from history are doomed to stand by and watch it repeat […]

“Recovering” Part 4 – Whose Fault Is It?

In our first post we talked about why an entire generation of young people (or at least a representative majority) just isn’t interested in playing ball with the status quo.  Then we talked about the fundamental problems with “fundamental” churches – it’s not simply that they’re swapping their hymnals for bouncing balls on the projector […]

“Recovering” Part 3 – The Price of a Book

It likely seems unfair to the dedicated reader that this author would promise a series of posts dealing with the “Recovering Fundamentalists”, yet after two long articles (read Part 1 here, and Part 2 here), nothing has been said against that movement.  We probably won’t get to them in this post, either, just to give […]

“Recovering” Part 2 – The Endless Cycle

Read part 1: Meet the Millennials Man, Movement, Machine, Monument, Mess Since the rise of modern Independent Baptist Fundamentalism (the “IFB” movement) starting arguably with J. Frank Norris, which incorporated the emotionalism and manipulative revivalist tactics of Charles Finney with the pragmatism of the modern American mentality, the body of Christ at large and the […]

“Recovering” Part 1 – Meet the Millennials

Over the last few years there has been a significant movement to rethink “fundamentalism,” a term often applied to churches that would qualify to be listed in our database here at KJV Churches.  Largely driven by younger believers, mostly Millennials, this movement has questioned many of the positions and attitudes held by a number of […]

The Cost of the KJV – Guest Post

In an effort to connect King James Bible-believing Christians worldwide, we’re offering a series of occasional guest posts by various authors. There is no direct financial benefit to KJV Churches, but we would like to recommend The KJV Store to our site’s visitors. Please check out this timely article by the General Manager of The […]

Are We Clear? Your Statement of Faith

One of the most obvious but frequent omissions from a church’s website is their stance on the King James Bible. After all, our name is “KJV Churches,” and our focus is on King James Only Independent Baptist Churches. However, it’s getting harder and harder to distinguish where a church stands, since churches that identify as […]