New Life Baptist Church - Sunshine Coast, Australia

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4 Reviews on “New Life Baptist Church - Sunshine Coast, Australia”

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  • Jason Parkin

    This is the best church on the Sunshine Coast and in all QLD! Why? Because it is full of friendly folks, is family orientated, KJV only, bible preaching and its a church that actually does regular “boots on the ground” evangelism.

  • Kevin Sepulveda Listing Owner

    Great families here with a team of zealous soul winners. We’ll work till Jesus comes.

  • Heidi Gleeson

    Wonderful, loving church, awesome preaching, right on salvation (by faith alone), KJV only and soul winning.

  • Cindy Miechel

    So happy to finally have a soul winning, KJV only, OSAS, church with great preaching. Wonderful family environment, great friends and the kids love it.

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