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2 Reviews on “West Hill Baptist Chapel - Brighton, UK”

2 reviews
  • Matt

    Wonderful pastor and church. Was recently saved and attending West Hill Baptist Church was my first real church visit. Sermon was beautiful and thoughtful, very kind and welcoming congregation.
    I live far away and wish I could attend every week because of the KJV Bible being used here.
    Pastor Jonathan was patient and kind with me. He took a big chunk out of his day to listen to me which I really appreciate to this day. God bless pastor Jonathan and his family.

  • Lavenia

    All are welcome. There are some changes with the time of services. Sunday am service starts at 11. Sunday school for kids at 3pm. And evening service at 6:30 pm. Also the new Pastor of the Church is Jonathan McClure. JOope to see you there. God bless.

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