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1 reviews
  • Simon Hibbard

    The true test of a Bible believing church is when a scandal happens with a leader. A leader (in ministry) at WVBC had a scandal with a (then) underage minor. There were many meetings about the scandal- and the Pastor (Pyle) talked about reconciliation with the minor & parents. Everybody wants reconciliation.

    The problem is the coverup. What is a coverup? A coverup is when sin is not called sin (privately or publicly). A coverup is when the sin is not recognized or admitted. A coverup is when the sin is not repented of. A coverup is when the leader is put back into ministry without any steps to make it right. A coverup is when a leader is put back into ministry where there is potential to hurt other people. That, my friend, is the definition of a coverup.

    Also, when people began asking questions, Pyle got very emotional & defensive. He even got to the point of calling questions asked “disappointing,” “poison,” and comparisons to Judas Iscariot. RUN!!! When genuine questions are asked- an honest person will give an honest answer. When genuine questions are asked- a deceitful person will get emotional.

    Please avoid going to West Valley Baptist Church- it is a personality cult.

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