Official: KJV Churches Endorses iCAST7

Official: KJV Churches Endorses iCAST7 We would like to introduce our newsletter participants, visitors, and users, to iCAST7, a God-honoring ministry dedicated to using cutting-edge technology to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  And you, dear reader, get special early access. Once in a lifetime an opportunity appears to do something big and to shift […]

KJV Churches: Assemble Anywhere

Since its inception in 2014, the motivation behind KJV Churches has always been to help believers find churches.  Whether it’s a place to visit on vacation, a new church home after a move or an unfortunate experience in a previous church, or helping a friend or family member find a church in their area, the […]

KJV Churches 3.0 Launched!

KJV Churches 3.0 is now live! We’ve just gone live with our new redesign! We want to thank you for your patience as we worked through the challenges of launching a redesigned site with new functionality. Here’s a brief overview of the new capabilities of KJV Churches: Ministry Jobs – our job search is now […]

Your Statement of Faith: Revisited

Your Statement of Faith is important

We’ve previously mentioned the importance of being firm and unique in your Statement of Faith on your church’s website, and now more than ever, it’s necessary to set forth your church’s beliefs unwaveringly. Of course, there are churches who choose to gloss over doctrine and focus on attracting visitors, so this won’t apply to them. […]

Are We Clear? Your Statement of Faith

One of the most obvious but frequent omissions from a church’s website is their stance on the King James Bible. After all, our name is “KJV Churches,” and our focus is on King James Only Independent Baptist Churches. However, it’s getting harder and harder to distinguish where a church stands, since churches that identify as […]

Updating Your Listing!

As of this post, KJV Churches has almost 150 registered users, which is fantastic for how short of a time this project has been online. In fact, we had no idea what to expect when we launched, but we’re excited to see the continual growth in site visitors, and the addition of new churches around […]

Beta Status!

After years of work, and an evolving project plan, we have finally opened up our site for public viewing. At the same time, we are still not completely done with several aspects, including the core list itself, with several more States left to comb through, and some user-friendliness. Our current focus is simply making the […]