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1 reviews
  • Marc Davis

    Initially, I thought Kukuilani Baptist would be a great fit for our family. I was looking for a small church that would use the King James Bible. I raised a concern about participation in Holidays, but “Pastor” David seemed to be humble and open to hearing and considering my concern. After a couple of months, we decided to become official church members. They accepted us with open arms and all seemed well.

    However, not long after, my wife became very ill with covid, along with prior medical issues. We were unable to attend church for several months. In the beginning, the women started a meal train for 1 week for our family. David would call once a week to check in and see how we were holding up. We were grateful and thankful to have our church family there to support us during this difficult season. As time went on and weeks turned into months, David and his wife stopped calling to see how we were doing. I expected more concern from the leader, especially when my wife started losing hope that she would get better. As things were getting more grim, there was no spiritual support from the church “leader” David, which is really disappointing considering it is such a small church. We felt like we had a church family that forgot about us and that is a terrible feeling. Nevertheless, we would watch his sermons online, when she was feeling up to it.

    Upon watching his online sermons, he mentioned that the King James Bible was not the only word of God, and other versions were just as credible. I was surprised and DISAPPOINTED at this comment because most Independent Baptist churches believe the KJV Bible is the only perfect word of God for English speaking people. I felt deceived because he only reads from the KJV. So, if you think KJV is the only way, then this is not the church for you.

    Lastly, I invited David to my home to discuss the concern with the holidays that had recently passed. He came with his wife Sharon. As I tried to edify/rebuke him about what was going on in the church, pointing him to multiple scripture references. He responded by becoming upset and started yelling at my dinner table in front of my wife and children. This was highly inappropriate for a bishop/pastor/leader of the church. I referred him to the fruit of the Spirit scripture that was on my wall because that behavior was unacceptable. He calmed down and we resumed the conversation. Before he left he had another outburst of anger in front of my family which caused me to get very upset, almost causing a fight between the two of us. I got to see Davids true character that he disguises behind a quiet, nice guy. Beware he is a wolf in sheep’s clothing, and I personally believe he does not fit the criteria to be a bishop/pastor based off of the requirements in 1 Timothy 3.

    I was not going to write this review, however, Sharon, David’s wife, has been trying to convince my wife that she is in an abusive relationship. Considering she has not called/talked to my wife since the incident had happened, about 2 months ago, and thinks I am forcing her against her will. Very disappointing and hurtful, not just to myself but also to my wife. Attached are some of the images she sent my wife about abusive relationships. I don’t think these people take my wifes illnesses seriously. All I am doing is what is best for my family and these people are trying to destroy my marriage. Fortunately our marriage is built on the foundation of Christ and no man can destroy what God has built.

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