Temple Baptist Church - Jacksonville, NC

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4 Reviews on “Temple Baptist Church - Jacksonville, NC”

Very Good
4 reviews
  • N

    Temple Baptist church is awesome. The pastor cares about soul and go soul winning regular. Please ignore this missionary John ‘s comment.

  • Andreas Loza

    Great Pastor and a very humble man. I enjoy watching his sermons online, unfortunately I don’t live in the US. The focus of the Church is on soul winning.

  • John

    I am a missionary on deputation. This pastor has no interest is souls around the world a was quit rude

    1. Michael Johnson

      Real classy, Johnny Anonymous. Do you leave one star reviews on all the churches who don’t give you money or give you their pulpit. I doubt you are even a soul winner, just another moochinary.

  • Patrick

    Great church. Smart pastor. good fellowship. not liberal or contemporary. SOUL WINNING CHURCH!!!

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