Crocker Bible Baptist Church - Chesterton, IN

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2 Reviews on “Crocker Bible Baptist Church - Chesterton, IN”

2 reviews
  • Ramona Hughes

    After several years of searching for a home church we found one here. Come and join us for an old fashioned service, including beautiful classic hymns and a warm welcoming atmosphere. You are sure to feel the presence of the Holy Spirit in this wonderful little church!

  • Karen Reattoir

    This church is friendly, and the pastor is a good speaker. We feel very comfortable in this old fashioned bible based church. It offers Sunday school for adults at 10 am and then at 11 am there is a service. And again on Sunday Evening there is a service at 6 pm. On Wednesday there is also a service at 7 pm.

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Pastor Needed in Chesterton (Crocker), Indiana

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